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Top 5 Financial Planning Trends – An Overview

When we talk about growing financial planning trends for the future years, the requirement of a holistic and profitable approach tops the list. Businesses are rapidly demanding the efficiency and ease of aggregating personalized and customized services under a professional and reliable service provider. To meet this demand, professional finance experts will need the latest wealth management systems to optimize their resources and time and assist them to maintain the industry trends.

Top Financial Planning Trends:


1. Adoption Of New Technology:

In the present technological era, accounting and wealth management companies and professional accounting planners are regularly seeking new ways to quickly reply to their client's requirements and promote new services and solutions.

On the other hand, younger consumers are highly responsive and tech-savvy to digital channels. These clients expect their wealth managers and financial planners to be well-equipped with the new technologies and also have the capability to effectively change and adapt to changes in the market.


2. Enhanced Focus on the Customer:

Money management and financial planning are becoming very complex regularly, that is the main cause many investors are moving to professional financial advisors who can help them put all the pieces and offer a more customized financial plan. Financial planners should brace themselves by investing more time in meeting their clients, knowing their unique challenges, and motive to offer significant esteem to the clients.

Albeit, the latest and technologically equipped advisory companies are focusing on technology to offer their customers better service and scale their business but nothing can replace the personal and deeper advisor-to-investor relationship. The most prominent and profitable financial advisors and planners will be those who instead of selling items forcefully to customers’ show empathy and compassion and advice plans that help them to meet their goals.


3. Creation Of Ecosystems

The entry of digital work into the sector of finance and wealth management has helped the creation and development of dedicated finance management 'ecosystems'. These ecosystems offer the purpose of being a perfect place for business collaboration and interaction.

These ecosystems will enhance the coming together of all your financial planning and wealth management capabilities where all investors and stakeholders like independent advisors, financial institutions, and wealth managers to enable a more comprehensive way for each other to do business.


4. Empowering Communications With Conferencing

Video is an eminent and most reliable trend in the present time, and getting rapid speed every year. Interactive video conferencing helps financial planners and wealth management providers to have face-to-face meetings with their clients from anywhere anytime.

It also helps financial planners to offer virtual presentations to many prospects and customers at once, enhancing retention by talking with clients where they are through their selected devices. Such a type of technology also assists internal communications. Web conferencing, audio, and one-click video help team members to discuss client needs or forecasting remotely and of course in real-time.


5. Unifying Communications Via UCaaS

A unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) platform offers a new era of applications for efficient and effective communication between clients, prospects, and support teams. UCaaS helps the integration of APIs that are developer-friendly programs, which permit different applications to communicate together.

With streamlined automation, UCaaS platforms, APIs, and workflows are some of the top financial planning trends in 2019.


Contributed by Jacob Perez. Jacob is a finance analyst who started working offline for a corporate firm. His accounting base is solid and now he’s stepped into the market of providing services to clients. His finance analysis skill is superior to the common analysts as he leverages unique and intelligent strategies gathered from other services and human psychology. His way of tackling problems is swift and effective, but most of all unique. To know more about his work, visit: